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Structuring the European Research Area in Plant Genomics


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This website provides information about the ERA-NET on Plant Genomics (ERA-PG) and its research programme consisting of 41 transnational research projects. This ERA-NET Action, supported by FP6, covered 6 years, from the beginning of 2004 till the end of 2009. A follow-up is in preparation. The research projects will run till 2012.

About the network

ERA-NET Plant Genomics (ERA-PG) is a collaborative network of ministries, funding agencies and national research councils with programmes in plant genomics.

ERA-PG started in 2004 with twelve member organizations from eleven countries. As a result of the network's commitment to extending collaboration to more countries with plant genomics programmes in and beyond Europe, ERA-PG comprised at the end of its contracting period in 2009 23 partners from 17 countries.

ERA-PG structured the collaboration between scientific and technological plant genomics programmes in Europe by reducing the fragmentation in research and capitalizing on scientific excellence through transnational collaboration, integration and synergy.

ERA-PG launched two joint calls with a budget of in total over 55 million Euro.

The project was supported by the European Commission 6th Framework Programme for research. ERA-PG contributed to building the European Research Area (ERA).

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